What is a Conversational User Interface CUI?

Conversational Interfaces: The Future of UI +6 Use Cases

conversational ui examples

Domino’s uses Facebook Messenger for its conversational UX platform. There’s a rising trend of using Messenger’s chatbot to provide customer support. It is important to hand the control over to the users by giving them a way out. If the conversational UX is not solving their problems, they should have the option to talk to a human, end the conversation, or go back and restart by taking a different route. If you’re looking for a platform to create landing pages for conversational marketing, then Landbot is a good choice. You can build a chatbot and deploy it as a separate landing page or incorporate your bot anywhere on your website.


Don’t forget to build sentiment analytics into your conversational platform. If many users are reacting angrily to specific chatbot responses, maybe the system is unable to understand their needs. However, investigate deeply to distinguish between negative reactions triggered by bot weaknesses and customer disappointment due to product/service-related issues. This type of a chatbot “learns” to answer based on predefined questions and responses. When a user poses a problem, the bot analyzes a set of possible answers before selecting the most relevant or correct. The main advantage of a retrieval-based model is that it supplies direct, concise responses.

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Some of the non-defined messages will breach (especially) the normative rules. Of course some users will speak (write) as they would speak (write) with a human, but of course — others will try to challenge your bot by sending sexts, swearing or gibberish. Layer powers messaging in over 500 applications including Trunk Club, GoButler, Hinge and many others. I’ve been designing, and building communications products, and companies since 2006. Despite that, most of these bots are text-based as application environments, and don’t allow richer mini apps as part of the messaging experience yet. Still very much a command line-like experience, with the addition of some rich content.

  • Some of these issues can be covered instantly if you choose the right chatbot software.
  • There is a lot going on with this home screen, but it’s all designed to give the player the right information at the right time and allow him to take action.
  • They are trained to understand vocal commands and interact with people.
  • First, objective-related conversations is a chatbot script example for a conversational UI.
  • Proceed with building a user archetype and writing basic user-machine interaction scenarios or user stories.

What kind of transitional animations will move the user from one page to another? We can’t ignore the growing importance and influence of conversational UI (CUI). Conversational UI can be described as an interaction with computers on human terms.

Rule-based chatbots

Facebook messenger uses topic terms to create key terms that their chatbot can respond to with other key terms or phrases. But they’re not the only company that is working to create conversational interfaces. Conversational interfaces like chatbots are receiving a lot of attention right technologies are more advanced, and the time is right for active users to want to talk to robots. Unlike chatbots, text-based applications, Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) enable people and computers to communicate via sound. The number one limitation in the evolution of this technology is the need for more expertise in the field.

conversational ui examples

If we divide conversational interfaces into two groups, there would be chatbots and voice assistants. Even though we concentrate on chatbots in this article, voice assistants shouldn’t go unmentioned. A conversational user interface (CUI) refers to an interface design which enables people to interact with a computer on ‘human’ terms.

The Importance of UX Design in NLP Applications: Enhancing User Interaction and System Performance

Mostly because there is little demand, and it doesn’t make financial sense. The platform offers templates that guide users to enter relevant inputs tailored to different content types, so the AI can generate quality output. This fill-in-the-blank experience is far less scary than a blank text box. When you ask users to “enter anything,” the lack of constraints increases users’ cognitive load. They have to think about how to articular their thoughts in a way that the machine can understand. If the AI somehow misunderstands it (humans do it all the time) or if the request goes beyond the product’s scope, the user won’t get any feedback until after the prompt is given.

conversational ui examples

Many of us would rather shoot a message to a friend than pick up the phone and call. Get started with the most advanced email builder for your next campaign or newsletter. It organizes your shopping list so you don’t have to run around a store. The conversational UI of the app allows typical conventions, of course.

Simple, repetitive tasks like lead qualification and customer support can be automated by chatbots. One of the most common examples of customer service automation is lead qualification.. A website or application will have a chatbot that collects basic lead qualification data. This gives your sales team more time to pursue prospective leads that score high in your system without wasting time on low-quality leads that won’t lead to fruitful gains. While many people would assume that voice assistants are a more advanced example of conversational UI at work, they would be wrong. Both chatbots and voice assistants can be simple or complex depending on how they are made.

  • Conversation design significantly contributes to the building of brand loyalty through a multi-faceted approach.
  • On the Chatbot front, Facebook M is a classic example that allows real time communication.
  • KendoReact is a commercial UI library designed and built for developing business applications with React.
  • Now you should be able to test the new flow of the rent-car conversation.

It’s easier if the conversation is in English as English syntax is relatively simple. However, in many languages you should be able to create more than one option of a message (phrase) by replacing one word with another. Also, a script designer should be able to specify the places for user’s answers, options, etc. In this project we knew that this is the only way for us to build a holistic communication system without AI support. We needed a great conversation script using an adaptive syntax which would also make the conversation pleasant and meaningful for users. No, Conversational UI can be text-based or voice-based, depending on the platform and the technology in use.

The current list allows the user to select a city from any country, which doesn’t make sense if they chose France as the country. With Conversational UI we not only provide a list of available values, but we can also provide additional information that goes with each item. When listing the available cars, we can also provide the price at the same time. Real solutions for your organization and end users built with best of breed offerings, configured to be flexible and scalable with you. Real-time conversational UI is available 24/7 with no delayed response time.

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